Financial management system of beximco

Rahman is the son of Mr. During the year the Company produced and sold high quality of knit fabrics and bringing forth all the latest in hardware Machins and soft technologies in knitting, dyeing and finishing of knit fabric.

The ever expanding export trade also indicates greater responsibility to the world. Increase in market labor rate: To experience the real corporate world. The staffs demonstrate their knowledge and experience with sheer professionalism.

We firmly believe that in the final analysis we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact, namely our employees, our customers, our business associates, our fellow citizens and share holders.

This division to serve groups interests in the most booming sectors of the world that is Information Technology. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited was incorporated in Bangladesh as a public company with limited liability, on 17th March and commercial operation on 1st October This is one of the major issues of labor rate increasing.

Executive management reviews the budgets and actual results are reported against the budget and revised forecasts are prepared at regular intervals. The Board of Directors includes: He is a renowned businessman of the country and is widely acclaimed for his contribution to the development of private sector.

Incorporated in the late 70s. There is comprehensive management reporting disciplines which involve the preparation of annual budgets by all operating departments. Different financial ratios are evaluated such as liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, profitability ratios, debt management ratios and finally measure the best performance of the company.

This internship program and the study have following purposes: Therefore, the cost of direct labor is increased. The Pharmaceuticals division manufactures and sells generic pharmaceutical formulation products, active pharmaceutical ingredients API and intravenous IV fluids.

Yearly increment of salary: In Beximco Pharma there are many insurance companies. Beximco Pharma is also the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals from Bangladesh, spreading its presence in many developing and developed countries across the globe. The Trading Division also represents overseas marine food buyers acting as a source of agent on their behalf and providing quality control.

Beximco Pharma follows the batch costing method and collocate their factory overhead on the basis of the total production of the batches. Increase in market labor rate: The reasons for increasing the overhead cost are- Markets rates of utilities like gas, electricity and water, Repair and the maintenance costs, Insurance premiums etc.

Beximco Pharma does the variance analysis comparing actual and budgeted amount. On the basis of my understanding and observation I am proposing the following recommendation to the Beximco Pharma: Beximco Pharma provides salary increment every year.

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It is engaged in manufacturing, marketing and export of pharmaceuticals finished products and raw materials. Despite these efforts some shortcomings may remain and there is always an opportunity to overcome those.

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The company has the fastest access among ISPs in Bangladesh. Shuktara Printers is the supplier of the printing and packaging materials of the BPL.

He is a renowned businessman of the country and is widely acclaimed for his contribution to the development of private sector. The Group consists of four publicly traded and seventeen privately held companies. Beximco Pharma should make budget for the daily expenses.

The company uses only AZO-free dyes and is dedicated to ensure a healthy and eco-friendly environment. Vision is the long-term outlook i. The Textile division is a fully integrated manufacturer of cotton and polyester blended garments for men, women and children, both for domestic and export markets.

This was an added challenge to all the accounting staffs as the listing the accountability of the organization has gained a global reach. In the increasing raw material every company will be sufferer but company can properly control the overhead.

Sponsored organizations include "Proyash", a specialized institute that works for the holistic development of children with special educational needs and "Gono Sahajjo Songstha", an institution that provides education for the underprivileged.

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Rahman is a counselor of the Abahani club, the largest sporting club in Bangladesh, which is chaired by his father, Mr. Other areas are also given emphasis by reviewing on a quarterly basis. Objectives of our Financial management Assignment Help Service Online The main aim of financial management is to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return.

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Beximco Pharma currently produces more than generic medicines which are available in well over different presentations and the broad portfolio encompasses all key therapeutic categories including antibiotics, analgesics, anti-diabetic, respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous system, dermatology, gastrointestinal etc.

Read More. Abstract The project we have undertaken is a part of NCC’s International Advance Diploma in Computer Studies curriculum and it is a major part of our studies. The project is being developed for selling system of Beximco pharmaceuticals project and we are computerizing their.

Nov 21,  · BEXIMCO Group operates as an industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. Its business areas include jute, textiles, basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics, as well as real estate and Phone: () PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.

Submitted By: Md. Fazlul Haque Executive Summary This report prepared to make a through analysis of the financial statements of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL). The report mainly highlights the .

Financial management system of beximco
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